Stretch testing

SmartRigging PBO cables have stretch equal to that of a rod equivalent with a 10% larger diameter. High-tech super fibres such as PBO and Aramid can theoretically stretch 2% or less before breaking. In practice, a PBO cable will usually break at approximately 1% stretch.


At the SWL (safe working load; 30 to 40% of the break load of rod), the stretch is between 0.3 and 0.4%. If fibre tension difference rises above 0.6 %, the fibres will have reduced lifespan and break load, breaking already at SWL. Obviously, this will decrease safety on board.














Thanks to its endless winding production method, SmartRigging can control fibre tension during production within a tolerance of 0.1%, resulting in the highest break load, lowest stretch and smallest diameter possible.