Unique eight-step production method

Our eight-step production method is the most efficient way of producing high performance cables.

1. Endless winding of the stays

After the required length has been programmed, the rigging computer calculates the amount of fibres and number of loops required for the specified cable.
During production of the stay, all fibres keep the same tension through the fibre tension control system





2 + 3. Compressing and sealing of the stay

SmartRigging uses a very high tech robot  to protect and compress and seal the fibres inside the cable. 



We will wrap a thin plastic film around the cable in such a way that the thinnest diameter possible is reached and you can still coil the cable without damaging the fibres inside.

With our specially engineered low frequency shrinking robot we seal the complete cable afterwards.



4. Protecting the stay


SmartRigging protects stays against chafe using a lightweight and super-smooth Dyneema braid. For even more robust protection, we use our heavier Aramid braid.


5. Impregnate the braid

A special coating improves the properties of our protective braids.
While this coating is normally transparent, it can also be coloured according to your wishes.







6. Cast the endfittings

Our 3D aluminium moulds are designed to deploy our vacuum injection PU system to seal the end fittings. This ensures that they are waterproof and characterised by maximum strength and flexibility, as well as a long lifespan.

7. Testing the stays

A rigorous quality control system means that all stays produced by SmartRigging are stretch-tested before shipping with a length measurement accuracy of 0.1% in terms of length and force.

This allows us to double check specified cable properties. Each shipment includes a stretch test, installation and maintenance certificate.











8. Shipping of the stays

We ship rigging all over the world using top carriers such as UPS, TNT, FedEx and DHL. They all use a track-and-trace system so that we can carefully control delivery schedules.

A special heavy-duty rigging box has been designed to protect the rigging during transport and storage.

All SmartRigging stays are labelled yellow at the top for easy installation.