Continuous rigging system

SmartRigging has developed the continuous rigging system in cooperation with a number of large ocean racing teams. This new system eliminates interruptions in the stays at the level of the spreaders.

The different Diagonal and Vertical cables are fully integrated into a single cable that runs from the V1 turnbuckle upwards via the spreader to the mast.This eliminates the need for pins, strips or tip cups at the extremities of the spreader end, while retaining extremely strong links.

In addition to improving the appearance of the spreader ends, they are 15% lighter then the traditional pin system.

The total weight saving in comparison with a rod system is between 80 and 90%. Race fans will be happy to learn that the system also reduce windage. There is no limit in sizes to which this continuous rigging system can be build. Also a comprehensive new range of hardware (turnbuckles, hangers, etc.) is designed especially for these new rigging system.

This SmartRigging system is entirely compatible with all other existing PBO, Carbon, Wire, Dyform and Rod systems. This makes SmartRigging ideal for new builds as well as refits.

Download PDF product sheet